Digital Poetry Machine

The Digital Poetry Machine

How It Works

The Digital Poetry Machine allows students to create their own poem from over 80 words. Once their poem is created, students press the red button to automatically publish their poem to our Twitter account. Follow us @BIHS_Poetry.

How Students Built the Digital Poetry Machine

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How Students Built the Digital Poetry Machine

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The project was conceived and designed by John Derian, Ben Walsh, Mark Kleback, and the students. The machine was an eight week interdisciplinary project between my Science class and Ben Walsh's English class. I came to Ben with the idea to combine our classes for this project. Ben and I built a prototype at ITP's MakeEd Camp at NYU. It was Ben's initial computer code and electronic expertise that allowed us to realize the project was a possibility. Mark Kleback of the BEAM Center helped facilitate the project at the school. Mark's expertise in digital fabrication and programming allowed for the project to become a reality.

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